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    Managed to get my hands on one of the new Savage Arms Model 110 Storm's with the AccuFit stock in .30-06 for evaluation this week and took it out for it's first range session yesterday. The adjustable comb height and length-of-pull on the new stock is a nice addition, and the rifle comes with all five comb heights and four LOP spacers so there's nothing extra to buy to tailor the fit. Drop at comb has a range of 1" to 1/2" in 1/8" increments and the LOP has a range of 12.5" to 14" in 1/4" increments (longer screws would need to be sourced to stack the thicker spacers for longer lengths). The new square-ish trigger guard design also affords a lot more space forward of the trigger for a gloved finger which is always a plus.

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    The leading edge of Winter Storm Hunter was just starting to roll into the area so it was kind of fitting to take the Storm out. The wind was howling something fierce so I really wasn't expecting too much as I just wanted to get it sighted in. It seemed to like the Hornady American Whitetail load with 150gr InterLock well enough as can be seen on the targets below. I also shot a few groups with Remington's Core-Lokt 150gr PSP load but it was turning in 2-2.5" groups at 100yds. Not ready to condemn the Core-Lokt ammo just yet though as by that point I had a little over three boxes of ammo through the gun and I suspect the bore was probably ready for a good cleaning.

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    Have some Federal Fusion 165gr and Non-Typical 150gr SP ammo to try out next week once this system has passed through.

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    I love the idea of the accufit but the LOP only goes to 14"! My monkey arms need 14.5" to have a good fit so I hope they remedy it.

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    Like I said, one would just need to go down to the hardware store and buy some longer screws of the proper size. My concern would be with that much LOP would the comb then be too far forward and force you to stretch your neck out to reach it. Don't know - I'm Mr. Average at 5'11".

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    Apologies, I skipped past the first section on my phone and straight to the photos and latter text. You raise a good point about the comb since you might be hanging off the end of it by 14.5"

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    How is this bedded, typical Savage stock or Accustock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevo_eph View Post
    How is this bedded, typical Savage stock or Accustock?
    AccuStock on the AccuFit models. They also have a few new models coming that have the adjustable LOP but not the adjustable comb, and those are the standard synthetic stock with no aluminum skeleton. If it has the changeable comb pieces it's an AccuStock.

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    I just want to know when these are gonna be available for order... I want to get my hands on the 280AI they’re making!

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    My guy at Vista outdoor is telling me most of the new stuff won't be available until after the SHOT Show. I know they've been working towards having the new products available when they're announced or shortly thereafter in the last few years, so hopefully the wait won't be long. Early writer samples of the AccuFit's have been in the field since at least October which is a good indication that they should be available sooner rather than later.

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    That's great news on the accustock part. I may upgrade my 90's 30-06...

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    I really like the idea of this new AccuFit stock, but how much more cost is it going to add to the rifle. It's pretty hard to beat a $6 buttstock cheek pouch from Amazon with some custom-cut foam underneath. Nice shooting by the way with the Hornady. My opinion on Core-Lokt is that you're doing some nice shooting with 2-2.5" groups. Although there's always that one guy out there that gets it to group sub-moa out of his gun. I always wonder how.
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    Surprisingly, Savage has actually LOWERED their MSRP's going into 2018 even with these new features. The basic Model 110 Hunter AccuFit has an MSRP of $749, which is essentially the same as last years 11/111 FCNS (sans AccuFit) which has an MSRP of $792. MSRP for the 16/116 Weather Warriors ranged from $939-979 last year, the new 110 Storm's are at $849 across the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevo_eph View Post
    That's great news on the accustock part. I may upgrade my 90's 30-06...
    That's a no fly zone without changing the recoil lug. The recoil lug for AccuStock models is shorter than the non-AccuStock recoil lug and it's shaped like a Remington recoil lug. You could grind down your existing lug with a dremel without pulling the barrel, but it would be a tedious task. Others have just milled the slot in the AccuStock deeper and wider to accommodate a standard lug, but doing so cuts the aluminum skeleton in half which defeats the purpose of switching to it.

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    Oh sorry, I meant a whole new rifle! "Honey, I need a backup rifle, just in case..."

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    How did the shooting continue to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevo_eph View Post
    How did the shooting continue to go?
    Only had the rifle for three weeks being an early writers sample, but it proved to be a consistent 1/2" to 3/4" shooter with factory ammo when I didn't foul things up. Didn't bother developing any handloads for it since I was so limited on time with it.

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