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    New to this forum and really enjoying it so far fellas.

    I helped my brother skin and chop up a late season whitetail doe earlier today. In return I got a couple nice cuts of meat and I also took some bone in ribs. I'm planning on smoking them with the 3-2-1 method around 220degF and lathering in BBQ. Ive never done these before, so if any of you have tried it do you have any tips?

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    Don't over smoke them and a good dry rub would be nice instead of the BBQ sauce for a first try. You want to taste the ribs, they will be excellent from that whitetail. Take some of the fat off and make sure it gets rendered out during cooking.
    They will seem done before they are tender so let them cook long enough.

    What wood are you using ? Some can be quite strong if not smoked lightly.

    Enjoy! You'll be saving ribs from now on probably.

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    I tried it a few weeks ago and it was disgusting. But I’m no rib pro either

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    I would cut down the time, instead of the 321 method I would do a 221 meathod. Deer ribs are leaner than pork and will dry out.

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