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    Im trying to plan my first western hunt (I'm from Texas), and I've been researching a spring bear hunt in Idaho, however I know Idaho allows baiting, and I was wondering who on here has success spotting and stalking in the mountains. Is it worth driving 6+ hours further to Montana to not have to compete with baiters, or is it not too hard to get away from baiters and do a spot and stalk in Idaho? Thanks for any help anyone would be able to offer

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    I've hunted both Montana and Idaho and I didn't really notice a difference. Most bait sites will be near roads as people don't want to regularly hump hundreds of pounds of bait that far, in my experience I saw more and bigger bears 2+ miles from the roads.

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    You will compete against baiters and Houndsmen in the popular units.

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    I only know of one popular OTC drainage...let’s just call it a trailhead where you can ride your ATV. I’m betting you we saw 15 hunters along that road and I’ll bet you that not a one ventured more than 1/4 mile from it. It’s our plan C for hunting spot/ stalk this year. Spike camp 3/4 mile from the most popular spot I know...

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    If you look at the harvest statistics up north in unit 1 they always harvest the most bears. I'm thinking about heading up there in May for a week to hunt bears once I finish my MBA as a reward, but haven't figured which drainages are probably going to be productive.

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    I'm out of Boise, and know good Bear places. I also know folks who run hounds every year, we could at least get a lead on where the bears are. Lots of them around. Easier to spot/stalk here in this country than the North part of the state, where you would just about be required to bait or dog them to catch a glimpse.

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