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    Default Western SD partner-Catch All

    Looking for a new hunting/fishing partner, unfortunately my buddy is moving out of state in a couple weeks. Thought I might check on here to see if anyone else would like to join me on my adventures around the Black Hills/Rapid City area. Sad to say, but most everyone I work with is focused on video games so that's a dead end.

    A little about me I suppose. I'm slowly diving more and more into deer hunting. I flirted with bow hunting in the past and want to get back into it soon. I gun hunt and just bought a muzzleloader for next year. I also hunt pronghorn, turkeys, and all small game. The lakes are frozen right now so ice fishing is my current addiction until spring. I'm all about walking 15 miles in a day to get the deer I want or fishing in -10 because the perch bite is hot.

    I'm late 20's, married, no kids, and a strong back. I will add that I've learned a lot from Randy Newburg's and Steve Rinella's podcasts in the ways on how to get your wife to let you go hunting and fishing. If I sound like your kind hunting/fishing partner let me know. Until then, cya on the hard water

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    If I lived closer I would take you up on that

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    Sounds like you are pretty motivated. We are enjoying our adventures in those areas, but the next couple years will be short on time due to other obligations.

    Stay in touch. If you draw an elk tag we would be willing to try to arrange helping with it. We will be applying for late season cow tags this year. Haven't heard how the commission meeting went and whether or not they approved cubing points.

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    Well Gussy if your ever venture out west message me. I'd be glad to show a fellow Wisconsinite the prairie.

    Keeptrying, I'm actually gonna be putting in for late season cow elk tags this year. I've never elk hunted before but from what I saw in last years draw odd's I should draw. I'll keep you in mind when the drawing closes.

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    Sounds good. I think we are going to use my wife's points to apply for the late December H2 cow tag. Should draw. We have never hunted elk either, but have horses, a .300wm, and lots of game bags.

    Gonna hunt turkeys this spring, just not sure of shotgun, bow, or area.

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    I'll pm you

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    I live in eastern SD but enjoy hunting western SD much more. I snooped your profile and saw your cow elk thread and might be able to give you some tips. I've been on 3 cow elk hunts in the Black Hills in the past 10 years, including this past October. I can't apply for the first draw elk because of the 9 year wait, but I'll be applying for a leftover cow tag and could try to match zones and seasons if you're still looking for a partner come application time.

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