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    Default Pronghorn binos on a BUDGET

    I have been all over the internet (and back) looking at "budget" binos and I'm shocked at how many manufacturers consider $1,200 to be "budget" binos.

    This will be almost exclusively for my annual pronghorn hunt. I have been making due with a $18 pair of bushnells that I got at their outlet, but I would like to see if I can get something better if I spend more (within reason).

    I would love any input from you guys! I did buy my scope from Schmaltz last year and I LOVE it!

    I don't know anything about the numbers associated with binos, but obviously I would like some good magnification for field judging pronghorn since I don't have a spotting scope.

    Thank you for ANY insight!


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    Look on ebay for binos with lifetime warranties.
    See if you qualify for any discounts: veteran, LEO, etc.

    I would recommend the Vortex Diamondbacks 10x42. You can find them on ebay often for $100.
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    I love mine and passed over the Vortex Vipers for the 10x42s. Order from Pat at Predator Optics (sight sponsor) and you'll be sitting pretty.
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    Thanks guys!! I intentionally left out my "budget" because for the right binos I would spend a little more. I would hate to spend $200 on binos that aren't THAT much better than $100 binos, BUT, I'd spend $300 on a pair that would blow my mind.

    Thanks again!

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    I bought a pair of vortex crossfires 12x50's and they work well 500yards and in. Not sure if u want to pack around 12's but they do make 10x50's. Fyi it's (magnification X objective size)

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    I have the Theron Wapiti's 10x42. They are amazing glass for 1/3 of the price of the big names. Pat sells them in his predator optics store. I like them so much I bought a Theron spotting scope.
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    Leupold Cascade Bx-2 10x42, best binos I've ever owned and they're under $300.
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    I paid 200 for my vortex diamondback 10x and have never regretted it. Also should look at Leupold BX-1 10x binos they are going for about 150. What ever you get I'd stick with 10x.

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    Check out the zeiss terra binos you can get them on sale for about 300 and if they’re anything like the terra scope I have you would be happy with them.
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    I have a set of Eagle optics ranger ed that are sweet. Mine are older and kinda big but the new ones are smaller and lighter and around $300 I believe. For pronghorn I would get 10x.

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    I bought a pair of Leupold BX2 Acadias 10x42 for my elk hunt this past fall and gave around $180ish for them on ebay, and they served me well.

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    X2 on the Questas from Predator Optics.

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    I have a couple options for you. Shoot me an email or PM and I will fill you in.

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    I do not own a pair but the SIG Sauer Zulu5 seem pretty good according to some reviews .

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    Not sure how much magnification you need or want but I bought a pair of Vortex Viper HD in 10X42.
    This was for my 1st Western hunt ever, this year and these were crystal clear well beyond shooting time.
    My friend had a pair of 15X56 Kaibab by Vortex ( that is some big glass ) so we used that on the tripod.

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    10x42 or 8x42 would be what you need.
    Lots of good advice so far. Buy the best you can afford right now, you will use them more in the future than you think.
    If you have a sporting goods store nearby go look through some.
    Nikon used to make a decent mid price bino but haven't used any for years.
    Have some older Leupolds that also are really nice and not expensive.

    My Swarovskis came from Cabelas bargain cave many years ago and were a fraction of the cost new. Since , Swarovski has put new glass in them for free making them brand new binos for bargain price. Don't overlook closeouts and factory refurbs on higher end models if you can find any in your price range.

    No way we could afford Swarovskis these days.

    Schmalts will be our next contact when we need some optics, he has a great reputation on here. Haven't dealt with him yet but wouldn't hesitate.

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    I second the Nikons. Really, if you get any 10x40(2) binocular from a decent brand (Leupold, Nikon, Vortex, Redfield) at ~$150 you won't be disappointed. I personally own Redfield 10x42s, my one brother and dad own Nikon Prostaff 5 and 7 10x40s, and my other brother owns Vortex Diamondback 10x40s. All of them can be had for between $100-$230 or so and they are all acceptable.

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    Just going to put this out there about my vortex diamondbacks. I bought mine in '09 and I'm getting ready to send mine in for a 3rd time to be fixed or replaced. I consider them to be ok glass and Vortex handles the warranty with class but I don't care to be sending them in ever few years
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    I have older Leupold Acadia 8x42. They have treated me well and are pretty cheap on ebay and elsewhere. For speed goats I would go with 10x though. Also might want to look into borrowing someone's spotter if you don't have one. Could save you a lot of miles.
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    Some good deals on Leupold BX-3 Mojave 10X42 out there.

    I never realized what a difference it made. Now I want top shelf, but poverty prevents that.

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    I would recommend the Vortex Raptors 10X32.
    I got mine from Opticsplanet for $99.
    Soft case, lens caps, decent strap included.
    Also light weight.

    See my review on a previous thread.

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    BX3 Pro HD. Sometimes around $340

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    Perhaps somebody can get the $ numbers better than i can because I've not shopped for binoculars for a while, but you'll find that those $150 bins are fine, but somewhere about $350-450, you get into a range of much better glass that is closer to the high end ones than they are to the low end ones. You'll really notice differences in performance in low light conditions.
    Whatever you do, get waterproof. You may never hunt in the rain, but you'll surely hunt in dusty conditions, and you don't want dust inside your binoculars.

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    I have some new cascades you can by for 200. 10x42.

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