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Thread: Elitist Hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Lamb View Post

    No idea what inflill will look like once they get the core developed.
    There will be more "dots".
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    Wyoming: A National Sacrifice Zone to the Gods of Oil and Gas
    get over it commies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtmiller View Post
    There will be more "dots".
    To a serious pronghorn nut like me, seems what the map is showing is that the core Wyoming pronghorn ranges of Units 57, 58, 60, and 61, are being served up in the name of "Energy Independence" so we can export energy to other countries and do so at some subsidized, low level accommodation for wildlife, so to make US-sourced energy exports competitive with energy extracted from Third World dictatorships and Oligarchs.

    Gee, that makes me feel so good - said no hunter ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schaaf View Post
    The Open Country Page at Outdoor Life continues to put out some incredible pieces concerning public land.

    “When I have free time, I find where the road ends—on our unequaled public lands—and push, paddle, and portage a canoe that my wife and I built of cedar and ash cants that we milled. I take the rifle for long walks, hoping that an elk or deer finds its way into our freezer. I burn bootleather on the prairie behind a fine pack of dogs. According to Mr. Secretary, I am an elitist.”
    Outdoor Life sure has it's great articles and it's interesting ones... We gravitate to the article that fit our agenda and distance ourselves from articles within the same magazine (Shockey, Modern hunting's most influential Hunter)...

    With reference to what this thread is about... Well, heck, no sense following that. Threads go their own way.

    Public figures are and will always be in the crosshairs of scrutiny by some and praised by others. BHA is among those that are trenching in. And Zinke is among those building support in his own manner.
    "Elitists" holds a certain bearing though a bit too far from my perspective as a member. It's becoming less and less about "Backcountry" and more and more political. Unfortunately, the more political the more divisive. The more it builds members w/in one party and the more it removes members within another. An interesting balancing act for any environmental advocacy group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukes_daddy View Post
    What gets lost in those discussions is any willingness to hear why people feel federal land management does not involve or recognize their interests.

    Troy Rushton
    Still wondering your take on this, as someone from Utah. Still just genuinely curious. If you’ve explained it before, and I’ve missed it, I apologize. How does federal land management not recognize or involve the interests of Utah? How do the interests of Utah differ from other states in the West? Thanks.
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    Go to sounthern NM unit 31 and take a look at what extraction has done to the area. It will make you think about it before you allow it someplace else.

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