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    Im all for restricting access, I'm not ok with having to purchase a permit for those of us who already have hunting and fishing licenses. I think the bigger issue is, how in the hell is Parks and Wildlife low on funds with the enormous amount of tags they sell every year? What in the world are they doing with all that money? I'm not certain, but I have to imagine that Colorado has to be one of the top revenue earning states in the West when it comes to tag and license sales.

    There must be some SERIOUS wasting going on. It really ticks me off.

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    The outlay is incredible and the return on investment is so very arguable...

    Case in point the boat inspector thing...

    Or the incredible # of helos and fixed wing they chase the animals with for months on end, those things do not come cheaply. Lots of the cutting edge studies could be justified but some are just resume enhancement for the chief rabbit cop in charge of it.

    "We need to find out what kills bucks" (at the meeting) My response high velocity chunks of lead, duh... A million or so dollars later 43% lead poisoning... whodathunkit?
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    An ignore list??? Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveE View Post

    Yeah I bet squirel is just dieing to hang with you...

    Some day you will find a negative lil troll just like you and then you will have a friend...

    2 dinkshootin internet wardens with super cool signature lines. Oh the fun.

    All for banning shed hunting last year??

    I think he has a little friend, not negative or a troll though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by windymtnman View Post
    Yesterday, a low flying helicopter was flying around our ranch in a typical manner CPW does when they do their game census. I thought to myself, they're a tad early this year, and we don't even have snow to make that task more effective. However, they didn't canvas the area thoroughly and quit. So, now I'm thinking they'll be back a 2nd time or more?? So much for stressing the Elk....
    If they pass this license and season law for sheds, I look for CPW to employ a tactic already in use in other types of game enforcement. Meaning, perhaps they'll plant a dandy Elk antler along a forest road, hunker down, and see if someone comes along and picks it up contrary to the license and season laws. I am pretty angry about this proposal, and wonder if picking up an arrowhead, a pretty rock, or a Pinon nut will be far behind?
    Picking up any artifact on publiuc land is already illegal.

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