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    ...ARB airlocker is nice too, but kinda pricey.
    Had them on my bronco front and back. Incredible mod! As for the winch, amazing tool. Aside from the air lockers, best tool on my bronco was the winch. The guy who owned it before me was an electrician and four wheel fanatic, he had the winch on a frame that slid into your tow hitch and had a hitch frame front and back. Had the winch tied into a plug in system and had cables ran to both hitch connections. Being able to use the winch from both ends was great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaseolus View Post
    A high lift jack is useless on a stock 4Runner. (Iím on my third) You will fold up the stock bumpers with it rather than jack it up. If you have an aftermarket bumper you may be able to use it as a jacking point, or you can jack with the receiver hitch if you are brave ennough.
    There is a hook/strap you can get that allows you to anchor on the wheels to use a hi-lift jack. I've also used receiver hitches and brush guards as lift points.
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