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    You could hunt 3 years for 2 weeks/year in western Ontario with your budget. Fly in drop camp or cabin relatively low success rates but it is a grand adventure. Door to door from CO to Nakina was mid 2's a couple years ago.
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    I am with The Nikster - Alaska DIY Moose can be done for about $5,000, will cost more if you get one to get the meat, antlers, and cape home. But remote Alaska is an experience that is second to none, and DIY makes it even more memorable.

    If you are interested in going DIY Alaska Moose, PM me and maybe I can provide some info. I have done remote Alaska about a dozen times, including a memorable caribou hunt with The Nikster (yours is still the biggest caribou I have seen taken on any of my hunts Nick!) Just FYI that my costs equate to a comfy camp - Bambistew lives in AK, doesn't take all of the luxuries, and does many great DIY hunts each year for a fraction of what I spend.

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    No Idaho tag this year. I may get serious about Canada next year, I have to admit I am a little intimidated about logistics for Alaska.

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    Another vote for DIY in AK.

    I did it in 2015 for quite a bit less than $9k. We were 2 for 2. PM me if you would like details.

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    Good information here

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