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Thread: Mount Ideas

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    Leland with Big Cat Taxidermy, top cat guy in the country. Do any pose or look you are going for

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    Please don’t take this post as saying no one else is any good, but Phil is the best cat guy in the world. If you are going to say someone is the best I guess you have to back it up if you mean that literally. From the 2017 Taxidermy World Championship:Name:  42B17F2E-FFA1-4A31-A6DD-484235B91DA8.jpg
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    I'm a fan of the laying on a log. My mom does taxidermy and has done a handful, and I definitely like those more than others. She does more bobcats though, and I like those jumping for a quail. I think I've seen them done jumping for grouse, and think that would be neat.

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    Lehman, I have seen Phil's work and he does a great job no doubt about it. I was more so looking for pose ideas as I already have a taxidermist I already use. When I get him done I will be sure to share!
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    Wow, those Phil Soucy mounts are unbelievable - anyone have a guesstimate on a price for one of those?

    Congrats on the nice Tom too EYJONAS!
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    Name:  IMG_3179.jpg
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Size:  42.2 KBName:  IMG_3180.jpg
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Size:  66.4 KB by far the best cat mount I ever seen!

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    I just shot a cat in Alberta on Sunday and I'm sending him to Phil Soucy's for sure.

    He isn't the cheapest but he's the best in my opinion.

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    Congrats on the Alberta tom eyes......i love seeing them big boys please do share. That is a very nice looking mount sneakypete. Thanks for sharing.
    Ain't doing half bad for a half full glass - Drake White

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishN4Eyes View Post
    I just shot a cat in Alberta on Sunday and I'm sending him to Phil Soucy's for sure.

    He isn't the cheapest but he's the best in my opinion.
    Any pictures you can share?
    Who were you hunting with?

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    what about recreating your 3rd picture?

    do a false 1/2 tree coming up from the floor, few branches coming off and the tom perched as he is: nice view of his head looking down, get the tail, can see the back claws a bit

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    Wow who did that one?

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    A friend and I did this mount. It takes up some room. I could only imagine for a big cat but it sure beats dusting the thing off every day.

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    Name:  20180414_154530.jpg
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    Cats are really hard and it seems about 75% of them end up looking like Helen Keller became a taxidermist. The mountain lion in the pic was done by Lifelike Taxidermy in Carmen, ID. Ben is a houndsman and knows what a cat should look like. He is sort of "the cat man" among all my hound hunting buddies. The African lion was done by my friend Randy Gilmore out of St. Louis, MO. He does everything that does at the zoo there and also does nice cats. I like seeing the mounts on this thread. Very cool.

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    just take it to Soucy and bite the bullet on price. he will not disappoint. not many will alter a form to a special pose and I can't imagine paying 5k-7K for a shite mount. bonedogg.

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    The first ledge or the one with the mule deer under it are awesome. Those are my votes!
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    A relaxed pose, like the one on the log with its leg hanging down. That's the way animals spend most of their lives and how I'd want one represented in my home - just chillin' in the corner.

    No McManus stupid grins!

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