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Thread: Mount Ideas

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    Leland with Big Cat Taxidermy, top cat guy in the country. Do any pose or look you are going for

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    Please don’t take this post as saying no one else is any good, but Phil is the best cat guy in the world. If you are going to say someone is the best I guess you have to back it up if you mean that literally. From the 2017 Taxidermy World Championship:Name:  42B17F2E-FFA1-4A31-A6DD-484235B91DA8.jpg
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    I'm a fan of the laying on a log. My mom does taxidermy and has done a handful, and I definitely like those more than others. She does more bobcats though, and I like those jumping for a quail. I think I've seen them done jumping for grouse, and think that would be neat.

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    Lehman, I have seen Phil's work and he does a great job no doubt about it. I was more so looking for pose ideas as I already have a taxidermist I already use. When I get him done I will be sure to share!
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