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    Greetings All,

    Some time late winter/early spring, I plan to travel down to Naples, Florida to visit my parents that are wintering there this year. While I am down there I would like to see if I can find an outfit to do a little bit of hog hunting. Is there anyone that has some information or could recommend someone to book with that is near Naples, FL.


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    I'm sorry I cannot point you in the right direction with your hog hunt however I may be visiting my parents in Naples in mid march and would be interested in joining you.

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    How far are you willing to travel to hunt hogs? I hunted them year before last, but the place I hunted them was around 4 hours from where you'll be. I'm happy to share my experience details if you're interested...
    I am the first in my family to hunt, but I will not be the last. My learning curve is immense, but I will trek on, knowing that I get to someday pass on all the lessons I've learn through my own failures to my children and grandchildren, who hopefully will become more successful than I could ever hope to be in this amazing adventure.

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    I think I'm skipping the hog hunt this year and will do a little investigating while I am down there. I will let you know what I find out.

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    My FYI did a hunt down there a few years ago it was North of Naples i believe cant remember the name of the place but the guy that ran the operation was on some big tv show at some point but he wasnt impressed with the hunt. Said it felt like a canned hunt like they had the pigs penned up and released them through some gates to where they were at.

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    Tagging on to what mrklean said. There are a lot of operations down here (I'm much further south, near Ft. Lauderdale) that offer guaranteed hunts on fenced land. And the price they charge can be outrageous. Many of them start in the $200+ range for a morning or evening hunt, for a "meat" hog. That usually means a pig somewhere around 100 lbs live weight. Then they charge by the pound if you shoot something larger so be very careful.

    That being said, there are some places that offer open, free range, non-guaranteed hunts that charge a flat fee of +/- $100 but they are hard to find. Hog hunting is a weird thing down here; supposedly they are a nuisance species but everyone start asking for money when you offer to show up and kill them! LOL. I'm on other forums where guys will complain about hogs on their "deer lease" or private property but they won't let anyone over there to kill them off. It all seems a little contradictory to me.

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