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    Default Recommendations on a turkey choke?

    Iím looking to purchase a turkey choke and would like to know if anybody has any opinions on chokes youíve owned or tried. I generally shoot Winchester long beard 3.5Ē #5s. I own both Kickís and Carlson waterfowl chokes and like both. I may be splitting hairs, just like to do my research and buy once.

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    Kicks are great for waterfowl but suck with turkey loads. Jelly head is what you need..

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    HS Strut "Undertaker" (extended length) used for all of my turkeys (unless mandated steel shot, then drop back to a modified winchoke and reduce my lethal distance by at least 10 yards)
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    Indian Creek is the way to go

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    Buy 3, take them out and shoot them. Keep the one that patterns best.
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    I appreciate the recommendations. I’ve never used anything more than the factory full chokes, but I am headed to FL in March to hunt osceolas and it seemed like a good excuse to get a turkey choke.

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    I used the Carlson "long range" waterfowl choke that came with my Stoeger this year...2 birds, 2 shots, bang flop. Before that I used the Primos TightWad in my 870 and the Factory Extra full in my 835. Spend some time and unfortunately some money and pattern several combinations.

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    It's just like shooting a rifle. Everyone's firearm is it's own b1tch as to what they want, or don't want. Brand X ammo shot out of a Y choke will be vastly different from brand A with a brand B choke. Just saying a tighter choke is not necessarily better.

    My Mossberg will print an awesome pattern with 2 3/4" #5 Herter's nickle plated & a medium/full choke, but spreads to the wind with Federal 3" #6's and a full choke.

    To each it's own.
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