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    Default Aoudad Hunt Recomendations?

    Not DIY Public Land Related but... I am [ooking to hopefully book a guided Aoudad hunt in 2018 to take a couple of customers on. Definitely needs to be free range and not high fenced. Don't have a firm budget yet... may take just one guy on a higher dollar "lodge" type hunt, or take two guys on a little less expensive "no frills" type hunt.

    Has anyone done a trip like this, and does anyone have any suggestions on who to go with, or maybe some areas to focus on? Assuming Texas is the best option, but open to suggestions.


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    Check out Matt Cousins He has several different options all of which are free range west Texas. I hunted with him on my first aoudad hunt.

    He has a new ranch that I hope to get to someday. Very historic and right on the rio Grande.

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    Have never hunted for auodad or used this outfit, but a few guys on another board have and gave good reviews.

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    PM me for more info.

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