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    Sean Kelly with Wild Man Taxidermy. My fiances bull is there, mainly because he offered to help pack it out. But, he also does a lot of the work for the fellas at Sitka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnage2011 View Post
    Good God....please don't take this advice. Trails West may be the worst taxidermist in the state. I've literally watched a dozen+ mounts of theirs get re-done by Chad Steward and Boudie Schneider in Helena. If you want to see some of Trails West work prior to using them you can stop at Chad's shop and look at the whitetail that he has hanging above the freezer. He keeps it there as free advertising.....
    x2 about not using Trails West. I highly recommend Monarch Taxidermy in Helena. Incredible shop, 6-8 month turn around. They do amazing work and are true professionals; stop by their shop some time, you won’t believe your eyes! (Bull elephants, life size lions, mountain nyala, in addition to elk, deer, etc, etc, etc).

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    Happy with the work, amazed at the turnaround time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnage2011 View Post
    Not trying to hijack this thread, but who did the taxidermy work on the world record bull last year? I believe that was done in Bozeman?
    Just saw that this wasn't answered in this thread. John Berger did that bull for Steve Felix. Great taxidermist and a great guy, but I do believe that he is not accepting any new projects right now because he's booked into his next lifetime.
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    Where did you end up taking him Quackillr? Looks great from the pics!

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