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    Default Episode 70- Road Trip podcast comment

    Big Fin, On your recent podcast in the truck headed to Eastern Montana you guys brought up the question of how much content would people watch in one sitting in regards to Youtube and Amazon. I can tell you that myself and friends of mine my age (26) will watch long-form episodes and videos. I also am lucky to have a lot of time to watch videos online while doing homework or studying. Honestly I'll watch anything you put out for hunts because I'm living vicariously through your hunts and hoping someday I can do some of them!

    So I'd say put out as much as you can get done for us to enjoy. What do others feel on this topic?
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    I'd agree with Zach, although I don't have as much time to watch the longer videos, I do enjoy watching them when I do get the chance
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    I love the day-by-day series hunts. It shows more of what really goes on in hunting, plus it's fun to truly watch how the story unfolds. Also, a note on this podcast, Fin, it was awesome to hear the rant about the poaching events that have been brought to light in the hunting media community. Fresh Tracks, MeatEater, Hush, Solo Hunter, and Western Hunter are about the only shows I can stomach anymore because you guys are true to who you are, and stick true to your ethics and morals as every hunter should. To that, as soon as blood is found you guys punch tags, and this should be how a hunter holds themselves in the field. Thanks for everything you do for the hunting community Fin, and keep putting out as much content as you are able!
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    Me too post it up !!! but maybe stop podcasting and talking about SE Montana so much tags are getting hard to get hahahaha

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    The 20 minute TV episodes are like highway robbery compared to the day-by-day hunts!!!

    I think zachthebowhunter is right on!!! If more content is put up, it's not going to go unwatched/unheard. I have yet to see/hear a Big Fin episode/podcast/Elk Talk Live that I thought was bad or a waste of time. Pour it on!!!
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    I too enjoy the day-by-day hunts, dealing with all the weather, hunter competition, game movement, and topography issues that challenge all of us who hunt public land. Real life hunting. Not some clown with a ridiculously painted face, filming behind a high fence.

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    I agree with zachthebowhunter, longer the videos the better. When I have time to watch, I'll at least sit down an watch one full episode no matter the length. If I don't have time to watch TV, I won't even turn it on.
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