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    Default Best ever opening weekend!!!

    The rifle deer opener here in Missouri started Saturday and my family had the funnest most successful weekend in our history. Here are a few pics to go with the story. I will start with my middle son Hudsons buck, he hunted with his grandpa and at 7:30 after a little morning nap shot this buck. They were hunting on a different farm than my oldest son Hunter and I and in my stand I have no cell service so I had no knowledge of what had happened, it is his second ever buck.
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    Next we will move on to my buck I was getting ready to get down and had let my rifle down the string out of the stand and had my pack on and I look up and here comes a deer down the hollow. I look through the binos and thing yeah! I hurried up and took off my pack and hoisted my rifle back up and waited impatiently for him to present a shot and the doe he was following came out into the opening and here he came. After the shot she stood there and I told her if she was going to stand there I would go ahead fill my doe tag and be done, so that is what happened. I was now free to concentrate on getting my two younger boys a deer, I didn't know Hudson had killed one.
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    After getting home to discover Hudson had killed his 8 point my oldest son Hunter said dad I want to hunt with you tonight. I thought it was a little weird as he is 15 and been hunting on his own for about 3 years now, but he said we never get to sit together anymore so I seized the opportuinty and we went back to my stand for the afternoon hunt. Hunter has basketball after school and with church commitment would only be able to hunt the opener and next Saturday and maybe Sunday afternoon. We had sat there for a while visiting about life and different things and I saw a deer coming down the hollow. It was a buck and I watched through the binos to see if he was legal as they have to have 4 points on one side were we hunt in Mo. As we watched he rubbed a tree and headed up another ridge and Hunter said do you want me to rattle? I said sure he came in on a string to 50 yards and had 4 on one side so he wanted to wait on a big one but with his limited hunting time said I'll shoot him. One shot from his Howa 300 win and he was down.

    We went to my Mom and Dads for dinner after church on Sunday and had a good time my BIL had killed a small 6 and sister a doe and Dad a large doe on Saturday, while we were there Dad went hunting for the afternoon sit. When we got out of church that night I had this and several other pics waiting on my phone.

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    The pics got out of order but I think you can figure them out. Last but not least was Hadley my youngest who is almost 8. We went Monday night to what the boys started calling the magic stand as I had killed a my buck out of and Hunter also and saw several deer on the way in and nothing in the stand. At about 5 I asked him if he wanted to get down and go check the fields we had walked through to get to the stand as we had saw deer in them on the way in and here is the end result, total spot and stalk on a deer with an 7 almost 8 year old resting of my pack. Name:  3BFC0CDF-A7EE-4884-BF7C-06606F72C1A9.jpg
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    I work so I can hunt

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    That is a great couple of days! Congrats to you and your family.

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    Good times...quite the opener.

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    Congrats !

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    Holy moly!! What a weekend! Congrats to you all!

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    Very nicely done!! Congrats!

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    Well done, crew!!
    Awesome family memories.

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    Good looking bunch there! Glad for you guys.

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    Great times and a family of full freezers!!
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    ya looks like the deer were piling up, way to go

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    Now that is an opening week end to remember.
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