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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some help on the Nevada draw. I understand that it's an actually lottery system and that the advantage to having more points is you get more numbers which gives you a potential better chance of getting picked. My question is on the application if there is a unit with more favorable draw odds that I would like to hunt would I be better off putting that as my first choice or would it be better to choose a harder to draw area first and the one with higher odds second?

    Thanks in advance hope everyones seasons are going well!

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    Put the unit with the best draw odds last.

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    When your name gets drawn they go down your preferences in order 12345. Nv puts out good statistics during draw time about draw odds, success rate, trophy quality. I dont remember if its on the ndow website or huntnv.

    But to answer your question, i put the harder units first then easier.

    Area 6 just about completely burnt up this year.

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    Historic odds are no guarantee of the next draw's odds so is better to put the 5 choices in the order you would want to hunt with the most desirable as your first choice.

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    Ok good to know glad everyone one here is always so hopeful that will help me big time for my application

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