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    Default Greetings from Northern California

    I've watched Randy's shows for years, but have only recently found the YouTube channel and Podcasts. Soaking up as much as I can, so I figure this is the next step. I follow lots of forums, but I love the attitude of most of the people here.

    Me? I'm 46, married 19 years, father of a 15 year old girl and 13 year old boy. Both fish regularly with me, and my boy hunts ducks and deer with me. He just killed his first deer last month!

    I'm a lifelong hunter and am looking forward to moving out of this mess of a state as soon as I can. Retirement is in sight (still several years away), but the plan is ANY western state away from here.

    Photography is another obsession, so I hope to share some photos soon.

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    welcome from PA!

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    Welcome and waiting to see the pics!!
    "Never apologize for being a Patriot!"

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    Welcome aboard.
    You can't get lost if you don't care where you are going.

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    Welcome from Southern California!

    Jeff Quigley

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    Welcome. About the same age (no kids), married and live in SF. Looking to meet fellow NorCal hunters interested in conservation, ethical hunting and the journey. If interested private message me.


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