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    Default What's on the smoker today?

    The last of my cow bison ribs and some pork ribs. Started with some pecan wood sea salt and will finish it up tomorrow.
    Pecan and post oak wood mix for the ribs. Chupacabra 2 Gringos rub on the bison and Head Country Sweet and Spicy on the pork.
    Anyone else fire up the smoker today?

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    That looks great

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    Off the smoker then a little bbq sauce in the oven. If any of you ever get a bison make sure to take the ribs they are awesome.

    Anybody else cook outside today, grill or smoker ?

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    Wytex, that looks delicious. We'll be firing up the smoker for the holidays. Ribs, brisket, and split pig sides will be on the menu. I use the Head Country sauce also.

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    Buffalo ribs are the best! That looks very good, wytex. I hope to fire up the smoker soon.
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