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    Noharley, that setup looks professional!

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    Man. It all looks so good!
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    Every dad in America: "Close the door, we're not trying to cool the outside!"

    Harley: "Hold my Chateau Pierre de Montignac & watch this."
    get over it commies..

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    Whatever brand one chooses, pellet smokers are the real deal to me. I like the "romance" of OG wood-fire, side firebox setups but it is hard to beat an electronic thermostat with the set it and forget it convenience.
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    Jealous!!! That PitBoss 820 is on sale at Sportsman's...I already couldn't get it off my mind...Thanks Harley...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Lamb View Post
    Every dad in America: "Close the door, we're not trying to cool the outside!"

    Harley: "Hold my Chateau Pierre de Montignac & watch this."
    ...Signature worthy
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    Pork loin on the pellet grill today, turned out really good!

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    Did a brisket I've had in the freezer for 2 years today. Took 9 hours, but was one of my best. This is the before. The after didnt happen because when I let it test the wife cut it up for dinner.
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    Did 6 tri-tip roasts on the smoker today. They were pretty popular at the Father's Day get together.
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    Fishing4sanity- How long and what temp you doing tri-tip at? I live in the town that made the tri-tip cut popular and cook it quite often. Although we cook it over an oak BBQ fire.

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    I've done two tri-tips. IIRC it was around 3hrs at about 300º. Temp got away from me a bit. Remote meat thermometer, so I just cook to the desired temp.

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    Moose Brisket

    The meat has zero fat.

    Night before, put in brine of a little salt & 2 bullion cubes.
    Next morning injected with some of that brine.
    Spinkled salt, pepper, garlic, paparika.
    Covered with bacon for fat drippings. Toothpicks to keep bacon from curling.

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    Masterbuilt smoker, smoked with apple wood 4 hours at 250.
    Wrapped in heavy duty foil, with 1/4 cup brine juice. Wrapped tight.
    Another 5 hours at 250. Knife was sliding in like soft butter.

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    Came out very moist. Dang tasty!

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    Default deer ribs and chicken legs

    I usually grind up or crock pot deer ribs but the meateater recipe had me wanting to try this. I pressure cooked them for 20 min at 10psi. then smoked them for about an hour adding a cider vinegar mop to them. They turned out very good and tender.
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    “To the man that has never followed the trails of the traplines, I can only say, “You have missed much” You will find him rich in health, happiness, and the things of life that are most worthwhile, and mellow with the memories of a life well spent in God’s great, clean outdoors…Ah, for the life of a millionaire, say some-but just let me stay a trapper.”
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