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    Made 10 lbs. of spicy elk snack sticks over the holidays. Smoked for 4 hours at 125 degrees, finished in over on low. Like Cushman suggested, I used blankets (and boxes) for insulating the smoker to maintain temps.
    The smoke and pepper flavor is great!

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    This thread has me hankering for baby backs...

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    Venison jalapeņo cheese salami!!!

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    holy, you fellas sure are setting the bar high. most intrigued by the smoked honey, that sounds like crack. keep up the good work.

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    Now that's a smoker JV842. Snack sticks look great too el unit !!

    Smoked ice tastes like weak liquid smoke without the funky after taste. Makes bourbon resemble scotch without the chewing on peat flavor. Consensus is one cube is enough.

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    Looks delicious! Little to cold in MN to be smoking anything.... although today is suppose to be the warmest its been for almost a month
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    I am going to take my first shot at making venison pastrami on Sunday. i put the rub on Tuesday. I'll post some pics

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    Anyone firing up the smoker for the big game?
    I'm going to throw a brisket and some pork ribs on Saturday morning, snow and cold forecast for Sunday.
    What are you all smoking for the game?

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    And some sausage we made last fall, elk and feral hog german sausage.

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    I'll be throwing a brisket on the BGE sometime in the early morning hours on Sunday.

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