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    We'll be putting 25 lbs of mule deer summer sausage on the smoker tomorrow, making and stuffing it today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wytex View Post
    I have never heard of smoked eggs. I have a good friend with chickens and a new smoker that will hear about this. He does have a cold smoke box but this time of the year any smoker is a cold smoker around here.
    How long on the eggs?
    I've only done it once but will be doing again. They were slightly "rubbery" (but great tasting) when eating plain but really shine when using in any recipe that calls for HBE such as egg salad sandwich.

    Lightly salted prior to smoking.
    Smoked (pecan pellets) for 3 hrs but but would decrease that to 90-120 min or so to lessen the outer rubbery texture.
    I use a tube smoker stuffed with whatever pellet flavor I am using and I use the tube for hot and cold smoking.

    Apparently it is possible to place whole raw eggs into a smoker and hot smoke them to get a hard boiled like egg. Only attempted this once and it was a fail but would like to try again changing a couple things.

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    Smoked a back-strap from last weekends doe, yesterday. Back-strap stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Was amazing.
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    That backstrap looks great

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    Made 6 pounds of snack sticks yesterday came out great.

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    A coil of Fischer German sausage from Muenster, TX..and a prime rib...

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    Sweet! Looks like that tube smoker is working well for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noharleyyet View Post
    A coil of Fischer German sausage from Muenster, TX..and a prime rib...

    We get our sausage seasoning from Fischer's and Hess Meats when down to Muenster. They will mix it fresh for you. Hess has an awesome Octoberfest sausage we'll be getting seasoning to make in March. Hog hunting and sausage making to follow we hope. Do you live near Muenster?

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    75 miles west wytex...Wichita Falls

    Yes sir FAIRCHASE, the tube is exactly what I needed...thanks

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    What’s the purpose of the tube smoker? Extra smoke?

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