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    Default Sika deer in Maryland

    Hey all, anyone ever hunt sika deer in Maryland? Driving down in a few hours for my first time. Going with a handful of guys. Outfitter is muddy marsh. Habe heard great things, but this is a first. Also weather looking like rain, didnt know if thats good, bad or indifferent?

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    Ive never hunted them but have done a little research on where to go. I think I remember muddy marsh having a pretty good reputation. Some of their leases border some of the better public land available. The rain shouldn't hurt much. I have always heard the like their hooves wet but not their legs. So I don't think the damp weather would hurt too much. I think the rut is mostly over for them so movement may be very early and very late. Good luck, make sure you post pictures.
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    I have looked into this hunt several times. Please do report back and let us know how the experience was!

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    Hunted them a bunch. It's a tough hunt on public. Put in for the Blackwater Muzz hunt. The don't mind rain, and like the dry humps next to phragmityie swamps. My experience is the move very little in the day.

    Good luck!
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    I've hunted them alot.Rain is probably better then bluebird skies.You'll be hunting over bait so I would sit all day,but chances are the last seconds of light are when u get your shotMuddy marsh is a top service and bowhunting only.They probably offer your best chance but your dates suck.Either go opening week or dead of winter as late as possible.Those would be my choices.Blackwater offers unlimited permits for archery hunters.I'll be going again next year if you get the fever and want to go back.They are cool little deer that whistle like elk

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    Meat Eaters latest podcast is on this. Pretty interesting.

    Good luck!
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    Last day.. got 1 evening rained out. I saw 1 stag 1st morning. Heard a bunch. Pretty funny, they sound like small bugles. My group has 1 stag (5 pt) which the guide said is equal to 130" whitetail, 1 female and 2 misses. I haven't had one other than the stag at 100 yards yet. Tonight is our last hunt and evenings seem to be where it's at. Muddy marsh has been great and have something like 95% rebooking. I have been trying to come since 2012. Only reason I'm in now is 2 members of a group died and opened a slot. My new slot will be 3rd week of January as long as I rebook every year

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    Well... we had a great time. Muddy Marsh is a great outfit. We had 2 missed, 1 stag and 1 female harvested. I saw a stag 1st morning at 120 yards ( muddy marsh is bow only)
    I saw another stag, a nice 6 pt at last light, my last night. He was at 22 yards, broadside. I collected myself and focused on the shot. Released the arrow and have no idea it excuse, but ended up hitting high shoulder. We tracked him that evening and the next morning... nothing. That is the first animal I have lost in 12 years. I was and still am pretty upset about it. I did cook some sika last night that one if my successful friends gave me... best tasting meat I've ever had. I will go back again for sure

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    Glad you had fun. It's always taxing messing up a shot. I am going to have to look up that hunt, it sounds interesting.

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    The hunt isn't physically demanding, a lot of luck and waiting to be in the right place at the right time. But sika deer are so jumpy and nervous, getting the shot off and connecting is the hard part. Again, the meat alone made it worth it. Also fairly inexpensive.

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    I agree about Sika being some of the best eating meat around. Glad you had a good hunt. We normally put together a crew and drive the marshes in the second week of rifle deer season.

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    hey my hunter could you use one more for your drives.I use to hunt every year 20 years ago with a guy named Brad Dysinger.He leased a bunch of marshland.I'd love to go again and driving them in the marsh is a blast.They hold tight like rabbits,and it's just super exciting.I do plan to start going again in archery season in Blackwater Refuge.I may try and draw gun or muzzleloader tags there as well
    Glad you had a good hunt.I knew muddy marsh was a great outfit.You better jump on that opening.January is a good time to hunt over their feeders

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    mdhunter, not my hunter.Jeezz, spell check and fat fingers just kill me

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    Ya, I heard January was good. I plan to make that trip a tradition. Not to far, something different and fairly inexpensive. And after eating some I won't hold out for a stag!

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    I put a email out to 2 outfitters in the area but after seeing this not high hopes they’ll have openings. Stories I’ve read of public Hunt is you’ll see more hunters then deer and they’re dense. I’ll be going up in spring to do some camping and try to gather some info and look around the area

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    I suggest trying muddy marsh. Shoot them and email and dont get nervous if you don't hear back until February. Depending on your party size, they may be able to take you.

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    Do you know if it’s better to be small or large? Will they mix parties? Other than the wife who isn’t hardcore into bow hunting, I would hunt alone. We have family up there so if she came she’d likely just visit them

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    So, what's the average meat harvest on one? Had never heard of em til rinellas podcast. Watched pretty much everything I could find on YouTube after that. Pretty interesting little guys.

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    I would guess 25 to 30 lbs of meat?
    Muddy marsh seems like they will try and fit you in, but they also won't over hunt. If it is just you, I bet they can find a spot. The group after me didn't show up, maybe if you were close enough and had schedule wiggle room they would let you be on standby?

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    I would use the theory of 60% of their live weight once butchered. You can end up with more meat than that ctelk83 mentions but you need to do your part before you pull the trigger.

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    I'm only going off of the one female I butchered. She only weighed about 70 lbs.

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    They actually replied to my email pretty quick and said call end of January to try to schedule

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    Cool. Good luck

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