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  1. Default What is a durable hunting pant? (and KUIU attack pant review)

    I bought a pair of KUIU Attack Pants this year. I was pretty stoked to have a nice pair of high end hunting pants. I read up on reviews and they seemed top notch.

    I hunted elk in these pants for 5 days, and let me tell you when it comes to durability I was really disappointed. We hiked 8-10 miles each day. I would not say I did anything I would not expect any other hunter to do. I walked through some grass area, aspen stands, through dark timber. I would say for the most part I stayed out of thick oak brush. I didn't end up belly crawling or doing anything crazy. Yet, the pants were covered in snag spots that pilled up the fabric after just 5 days. These spots were all over the pants from the knees down.

    I talked to KUIU and they warrantied the pants and are sending me a replacement pair. So, I do have to give props to them for taking care of me in this way. However, I am worried the next pair will do just the same once I get off of a trail. That is a real bummer for ~$140.

    I will say the pants were super comfortable and enjoyable to hike in. I wish they had the waterproof butt like Sitka pants though, but it wasn't an issue for me on this hunt. I wore them from 20*-70* and for the most part was really comfortable with a base layer.

    Long story short, I won't be buying another pair of KUIU attack pants until I hear they have done something about the durability. They are hunting pants for goodness sakes, they should be able to get off the trail and hold up for many hunting seasons for the price they charge.

    Can anyone recommend pants that are functional and extremely durable? I am looking at Sitka and First Lite now.

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    Sitka Timberline

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    Kuiu chinook pants or Sitka timberline pants.

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    I've had my Sitka 90% pants and jacket for 10 years.They been thru Alaska 3x,Africa once,and about 10 trips west archery elk hunting,and 6 years of crawling on hands and knees thru swamps bear hunting here.Not to mention all the upland bird hunts in some nasty brush.I don't have a single thing wrong with them except blood stains.I would HIGHLY recommend any Sitka product.What I've put that outfit thru amazes me and it's been the best money I've spent on hunting accessories.Buy yourself some Sitka gear!!!!

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    Maybe you got a bad pair? I have 3 years of hunting on my Kuiu after switching and had no issues. They still look great , let alone the most comfortable pants ever. I have a pair of attack, teton and tiburon pants that I switch out depending on temps. I wont switch away from them. My 2 cents

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    Union Bay tech pant from Costco, $18.
    67% nylon, 7% spandex.

    knee deep stream, like water off a Duck's back..

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    I'm on my 4th season with my attack pants and I haven't had any issues outside of normal wear and tear. I was planning on replacing with the same when the time comes. Hopefully the quality didn't go down.

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    Hopefully it's just a fluke. I will probably look at Sitka in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlakeA View Post
    Sitka Timberline
    This. Thank us later.

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    Wrangled performance outdoor pant. Comparable to my pranas I have had for 3 years and 1/4 the price at $21 if you mess them up buy another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifesupport4u View Post
    Hopefully it's just a fluke. I will probably look at Sitka in the future
    KUIU are what they advertise. Light light lightweight performance hunting gear. I own 3-4 pieces of KUIU, I like it, but I could tell it was too lightweight to last for my hunting style. No matter how you spin it, lighter typically means less durable.

    Sitka or first lite seem to be more well rounded and fit my needs better.

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    I bought a pair of Attacks pants about 6 years ago. The hem on both legs have worn and the back pockets have about worn off. That being said, I have been very happy with them, in fact, a few years ago I purchased a second pair for back-up. They are still unworn. I can't speak for the current versions or my "hunting style".

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    Quote Originally Posted by twsnow18 View Post
    This. Thank us later.
    I put mine thru hell and they just flat work. Get on thier email list and wait for them to go on sale. I got mine at 50% off and free shipping.

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    I haven't tried the Attack pants, but I have put a pair of the guide pants through hell and back and have been really impressed. Have but sliding for almost 1,000 yrs over a couple of stalks they are starting to show some wear in the seat, but other than that they are awesome. When Kuiu first came out I really like their story and bought a number of their products. I still like a number of their products, but am convinced that there are few people in this world more conceded and disconnected from his customer than Jason Hairston. Im to the point I have started shopping around to see other products on the market.

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    I took the First Lite Kanab 2.0 merino pants to Idaho this month. On day 5, I crab-walked/butt slid down a grass hill for 30 yards. At the end of the stalk there was a hole about the length of a pen in the seat of the pants. The pants did not tear, but simply wore through the material. First Lite did not honor the warranty but did send me some fabric to sew over the wear spot. Having the pants simply wear a hole through them on their first stalk was disappointing. I have a pair a Sitka Alpine pants in the mail because I don't feel like sewing $120 pants everytime I go hunting.

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    I will give Sitka more of a look. Thanks folks

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    First Lite Corrugate Guide...3 years heavy use and going strong

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    Used Sitka Timberline pants this year for first time. Put through 4 8-hour days of still hunting a burn unit full of sticks and snags. The pants performed very well--lot's of storage, durable and the reinforced knees with knee pads worked extremely well as I stalked and harvested my muley. When I returned home I bought another pair just to have as backups.

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