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    x2 for the First Lite Corrugate pants. Damn tough nylon and 4 way stretch. 2 years in and they are holding up perfectly.

    I have also worn the First Lite Obsidian for 20+ days of Idaho backcountry elk and deer and been really impressed. That said, merino based pants will never stack up to nylon for durability in the long run, especially if you hunt thorny and/or course brush.

    I also own 6 pair of Prana Stretch Zion pants. Love them for everyday use and hiking. I don't use them hunting only because they lack the pocket space I like.

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    Sitka Timberline. Love mine, they have held up really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    The Sitka page info is freaking worthless:

    It reminds me of trying to buy ski boots and all the descriptions talked about how you are going to be shredding the gnar rather than explaining the differences. Like WTF is burly?

    How are these compared to the Ascent pants? I'm finding the Ascents are a little two warm when climbing, er "racking up the vertical." I'd really like some vents on the sides.

    The Timberlines seem even warmer so unusable for bow season. Right? The Ascents seem warm enough at 0F with layering, so I'm not sure I need a warmer pant but maybe these pants have some advantages.

    Haha. You make a good point, luckily their products are much better than their descriptions.

    I have the ascents and the timberlines. Timberlines are much too warm for August/September (lows of 30, highs of 70ish). Ascents during September are $$$ paired with the KUIU zip off long johns, at least for me, I run pretty cold. The timberlines served me well down to zero with one or two pairs of long johns underneath.

    If you get hot in ascents, I've read good things about the KUIU alpines or tiburons. Both have hip vents.

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    My attack pants are all pilled up and it hasnít hurt a thing, they are 3 seasons old and will see a few more.

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