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    I wish I could get those to shoot in my rifle. I keep trying different things and his gun and mine will not shoot good groups. However, I'm going to keep trying to find a load that will. FWIW I shoot a 150 Barnes TTSX in my 7 Remington Mag and killed a similar sized bull, worked perfectly.

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    140 gr TTSX or TSX....cauldron appropriate powder, primer, jump....think ripped, tee'd-off masculine 7-08

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    I found Federal 215M Primers and bought 1000 so I should be good. Probably didn't need that many but I've heard they are hard to find so loaded up. I'll probably start with 162 ELD X and also try the 160 Accubond as well. If the 162 ELD X shoot great in my rifle ill probably just start there. I sent in for my free 139g bullets from Hornady don it will give me something to play with.

    Still excited to hear other experiences with 7 Mag and elk. Thanks for the replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by std7mag View Post
    Make sure you check case length after every firing with the Rem Mag. Especially Federal casings. They like to stretch.
    Question, something that someone suggested was not to trim the brass after its been shot in the rifle I'm loading for, because it's fire formed to that rifle. It shouldn't stretch anymore and it should fit the rifle better and should be more accurate. I do realize federal brass is some of the softer brass but I should get 2-3 reloads out of them before they are no good. Do you trim every time? How come?

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