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    This year has been great.. many memories made and more to come. I am a firm believer in a sharp Buck Knife. Ive used many diff options over the years and have come to love my havalons for the more detailed caping ect.... but ill never shade away from a solid buck knife for dressing, deboning, ect...

    After 1 mulie, 3 brown bears, 1 moose, and 2 caribou this year so far, ive been sharpening my knives alot. I want to know your guys GO-TO METHOD?

    It can be during and post-field dressing. Keeping an edge can be vital to make short work of an animal. Heading to New Mexico on the 18th for my rifle tag, and would love to hear new sharpening tech.s and gadgets!

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    I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker to sharpen all of my knives, kitchen and field. I follow up the Sharpmaker with a leather strop. Having never killed anything larger than a whitetail, I've never needed to touch up a blade in the field.

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    I have a Eze Lap Diamond sharpener that I pack in the field to help keep the edge during field dressing. If a large animal and a lot of skinning and tough hide, I will sharpen a few times (mostly to take a break from bending over) but it helps keep it slicing like butter.

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