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  1. Default Torn between .257 Rob & .270 for this years hunt

    Hi All,
    Hope everyone is having a great hunting season thus far or at least full of great anticipation for the season still to come!!! I am torn and looking for some first hand experiences to help make my mind up. Going to hunt a unit with some big white tails and surely hope to harvest just that. In preparation I have been loading various rounds for both my .257 bob and .270 win.. I love both, both tack drivers. I love the Bob because it tells a story and has zero kick! Just not sure if it has what is needed to confidently dispatch a large whitetail. Shooting 115 nosler BT. Just looking for thoughts. Thanks

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    A 115gr NBT placed in the vitals will destroy them! The 115gr is a great bullet for the 25cal. Use whatever your comfortable with. Good luck.

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    Your .257 is plenty for deer.
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    257 will be just fine. Some folks even use them on elk, believe it or not.
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    I've seen plenty of big Minnesota bucks taken with a .243. Go with whichever you'll enjoy carrying the most because the deer sure won't know the difference.

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    A big fan here of the .257. My wife shoots it in a Ruger lightweight. Routinely takes whitetails and antelope out to 200 yards. This year she pushed her luck and her skill set and shot an antelope buck at just over 300 yds. We know the rifle and what it does at distance - the long shot dropped the buck cleanly with a 110 gr accubond. Safe to say, the Roberts is a shooter easily out to 250 on deer sized critters. A great cartridge......

    That being said, I could go on a long while about what my ol' .270 Model 70 southpaw has accomplished........
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    Sounds like you're looking for a reason to take the 257. I think you would do fine but the 270 is a step up in performance but either would be fine. If it were me I'd take the rifle I wanted not the caliber. Maybe one is more comfortable, lighter, or has more sentimental value. Also glass quality of the scopes may be a factor as well.
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    Flip a coin.
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    I have both, but I am partial to the 257. I have killed deer, antelope, bear and elk with mine, it'll handle a whitetail just fine! I run speer 100gr BT in mine. Good Luck.
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    I've killed mule deer and bull elk with my .257 Roberts.

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    From this 270 owner, I'd choose the Bob for just deer, and take advantage of +P loading. The right gun for the job, and a pleasure to shoot. What brand/model is your quarter bore?

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    Myself i'd go with Bob.
    115gr. Nosler ballistic tip over a charge of Hybrid 100 for a +P loading. Almost 3000 fps.
    Berger 115gr VLD Hunting works quite well also.
    300yard shot easily doable.
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    Think along the lines of Bragging Rights around a future camp fire with the buddies.. "Yep, popped that Bad Boy with my 257 Roberts....Really ?...Nice ! Great little cartridge Man...SAWEEET!"...or "Got 'im with my 270.....Yeah, that works....Hey George, toss me another beer."

    Just sayin'
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    If hunting local to home, 257. If traveling 270 because I can buy 270 everywhere. Maybe not the case with the 257?

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    Sounds like you're already leaning towards the Bob, so I'd say use whatever is calling to you. The .257 is plenty for big whitetails!

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