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    The word went out. Get em' while their hot! Their in the draw.
    It has been nuts here the last two nights.
    I was laying here last night listening to Randy's latest podcast & there was a pack of yotes on what is left of the carcass & 4-6 bulls just going nuts all around me. All night long. Gotta check my fence lines today.
    They took out about 40 yards of my neighbors fence the night before. Going to take a chunk of backstrap over to them & trade for fresh eggs & help them get the fence back up so Mr. Happy & the gang dosen't wander off.He's the biggest mule I have ever seen,a retired Grand Canyon Packer & very friendly. The fence looks like a elephant stepped on it. Smashed the 3 stays like accordians between the

    Tomorrow is the annual harvest BBQ at the neighbors with backstrap as main course.
    It will be bitter sweet in that Candice will not be with us. Dennis' bride of 50 yrs passed 2 weeks ago. His sister will be with us,visiting.
    I know that Candice will approve of the meal,it was one of her favorites along with the corned elk I bring over.
    Tonight I will be finishing the last of the corned elk I made right after she passed & shared with my friends the other night.It was made with a couple chunks of the bull that Corey Jacobsen took last year on his hunt with Randy and he was generous to give to me & share with the neighbors.
    My point is about sharing the experience. The knowledge of craft & fare. I how to share it with those who do not hunt. Yet.

    Candice I will miss you good friend. I will try and be a good boy and keep Dennis out of too much trouble & make sure he eats right.
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    Nice bull and great story! I'll be down your way in a few weeks chasing muleys, I'll give you a call before I head out. My excuse if I don't get one will be that I'm just scouting for you and your hunt. LOL.

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    Awesome story and testament to what kind of guy you are. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

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    Good man!!

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    Great looking bull! Congratulations!

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