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    So me and a buddy are starting to attempt to go hunt in every state and want to start in Idaho. Never been there and the wilderness looks amazing. I am starting to do research now but from just looking at a map I like the way unit 27 looks. Anyone have and advice they would like to share with hunting Idaho.

    I currently hunt Colorado, Kansas, NJ, and Wyoming.

    Thanks all!

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    Good opportunity state. As in, the opportunity to go hunting.

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    27 is steeper than it looks on either a topo or an aerial photo. It's amazing country, but tough both physically and mentally. IME, there are better and easier places to hunt mule deer and elk if either of those are what you are considering.

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    Go hunt the Bighorn Crags in 27. You'll remember it forever.

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    In a good way or terrible?

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    If you have interest in Unit 4, let me know I may be able to provide some good information as I have tagged out there and am looking to move locations for new scenery.

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    27 is big country, look around to some different units/ parts of the state unless you feel like channeling your inner mountain man.

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    I am good with going pretty much anywhere that I can get into deer and elk. I really don't even care if I don't harvest anything this is more about the adventure. I truly love the idea of hunting the Bighorn Crags as mentioned above. After some research I see you fella's have talked about it on here before" ". If anyone has any further advice they are willing to give on that area I'd appreciate it.

    Now to get in better shape!

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    If you're looking at 27, you'd better look at success rates, also check to see if there are a lot of NR hunters in the unit...

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    Says success is 24% and 460 NR hunters, not to bad

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