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    I was just talking with my state rep (who is a friend of mine) about this case. I complained to her about the traditional slap on the wrist penalties that bastards like these guys get when sentenced. She told me she'd look into it and possibly be able to make recommendations with other state legislators, but of course, it's ultimately up to the judge. It's going to be interesting to see what happens if these guys are convicted.

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    hope they loose their privileges for life.

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    Stealing from all of us.
    You can't get lost if you don't care where you are going.

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    noun (pl) -ties
    exemption or immunity from punishment or recrimination
    exemption or immunity from unpleasant consequences: a successful career marked by impunity from early mistakes
    with impunity
    with no unpleasant consequences
    with no care or heed for such consequences
    Word Origin
    C16: from Latin impūnitās freedom from punishment, from impūnis unpunished, from im- (not) + poena punishment

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    Hopefully Washingtonians, sportsmen and others, will get after the DA prosecuting all this and demand serious consequences. DAs, it seems, give softball plea bargains to poaching cases so they can spend time on crimes that hurt people. As noted above, poaching is stealing from the people who value wildlife. I see conspiracy and organized crime in the description of this poaching operation. IMO, this would be a great case to make a strong anti-poaching example of.

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    I just spent 3 days elk hunting within a short hike from their base of operations near Mt Adams. These people make me wanna puke.

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