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    Default Do I need a spotting scope?

    Hello all,

    I have a pair of Leupold 12x50's binos, do i need a spotting scope?

    I've been looking at the Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50. I love the clarity of this scope but think it might be redundant.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I wouldn't bother with that scope if you're carrying around 12x Binos.
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    Would you consider hunting without your binoculars? If so, then you probably don't need a spotting scope, but if you think you need 12 power binoculars you also need a spotting scope. That's my honest opinion, I wouldn't be without one but there are a few occasions when I don't pack it.

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    If you are serious about getting a spotting scope in that range, then I would step back the power on my binos to either an 8x or 10x. I Currently use a 10x Vortex bino and a 16-48 x 65mm Razor HD spotting scope. This range variation allows me to use my binos for looking at a wide range of country and then using the spotting scope to focus in.

    What type of hunting are you doing and where? A 12x bino might be best for your type of hunting. I never leave the basecamp withough my spotter though, It is well worth its added weight, if you are using a solid tripod to mount it.

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    I think this same question was asked just a couple of weeks ago. Info here.
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    Isnt this same question asked weekly?

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    You don't need a spotting scope, but you will likely want a tripod and bino adapter if you plan on glassing much with those big 12x50. The need for a scope or high power binos solely depends on where you hunt, what you hunt, how you hunt, and what your expectations of the hunt are.

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    I agree with BucksnDucks. Binos on a tripod is really all you need. I can spot elk over 2 miles away without a spotting scope and see deer as well if I am patient while glassing. I am not totally sure why you would need to spot game farther than that away as a lot can happen during a 3-5 mile hike. Spotting scope would be helpful for judging trophy quality but I can tell mature animals with the binos alone.

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