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    Default Montana AG land lease.

    I have found some state land that is leased to a farmer for growing crops. The lease is only for surface rights to plant crops so I am guessing the state still holds the power to let hunters on to hunt correct? I did contact the right officials, but have not heard anything yet.

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    I believe the way it reads is that you can hunt state land in montana as long as crop is not standing or in swathes and if there are cattle present that the cattle aren't being harassed(not sure on the wording) or excessively bothered. We hunt harvested state land and state land with cattle all the time. We just use common sense and are respectful to the land/lease owner. You will from time to time still find landowners in MT that think you need permission from the lessee to access and hint state land. We still do at times depending on circumstances, but it is not a requirement.

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    Thank you. I was just going to walk in and hopefully get a deer with my bow. I have hunted a few spots with cattle and the deer seem to avoid the cattle. They come up to thr public fence then turn left or right with out crossing. Frustrating how 100 cows a crammed on state land ruining the hunting while thousands of acres of surrounding private land stay cow free and game full.

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    I finally found the MT statute. They are categorically closed between planting and harvest. Once the crop is "harvested" then the land is categorically opened back up.

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    You are correct. Also if for some reason they have it closed outside of that time period they will post signs.
    I also recommend checking to see if the parcel is a part of a block management area or not(different rules/sign in etc.). You can use hunt planner map @ and click on fwp access opportunities to see block management boundaries, maps and rules.
    Lastly make sure you have permission to cross private ground or legal access ie: a county or state road going through the parcel.
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