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    Hope this is in the right place to post.
    Looking for reputable and reasonable packer around Pagosa Springs area for second rifle season. Maybe someone you've used before. We're wanting to line someone up just in case we get something down and need horses to help. If you know of someone and have phone numbers, location, or even prices, it would be greatly appreciated. We packed a bull out on foot last year. Great experience, but hard on an old man.
    We thought it would allow others more hunting time, not to mention our backs a little if we had help.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Contact the national forest district youre hunting in (if your hunting in one) they will have a list of outfitters for your area, Id reach out to them for a packer.

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    Additionally, you may want to reach out to Sombrero Horse rental. They also have packing out services. The last time I checked, which was three years ago, they charged $500 per pack out.

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    Will do. Thanks for the information.

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