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    Default Federal BOR Lock

    Anybody use the Federal B.O.R. Lock muzzleloader bullets? They look pretty interesting and I'm thinking about trying them out on whitetails this year.

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    I too like them and have a Traditions Vortek Strikefire muzz gun shooting them this year. I'm using 120 grains of Black Horn 209. I tried them previously in my TC Triumph with 3 - 50 grain Triple 7 pellets and they shot poorly. Also tried them with 2 - 60 grain pellets; that didn't work either. So, when I bought the Strikefire, I bought the Blackhorn 209 and that's working.

    Previously I shot Power Belt Platinums in the TC and they shot well. They killed animals, but I wasn't impressed with their durability as they didn't pass through even small deer. I want something a bit sturdier and hence am looking forward to using the Bor Loks.

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    I shoot a 350gr Hornady FPB and have seen great performance with them. We have shot 10+ elk, lots of deer and a couple bear with them and have only recovered 2 bullets. They are easy to load and are super accurate out of my Knight rifle. Just another option for you.

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    I couldn't get the BOR Locks to work in my CVA but I only tried a few powder combos since the Barnes TEZs clicked right away.

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