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    As far as we know, nothing happened to them. Somewhere on here is the hunt journal that gives more detail, but there was nothing conclusive.
    Is it possible that the guys that shot that big bull on private land in front of Randy had permission from the landowner?

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    Big Fin, What is your preferred method of support? I'm new to the forum (2 mos), youtube channel (1 mos), and podcast (6 mos) and really appreciate everything you do to support conservation, public lands, and the "on your own" hunting style. How do we best support you in this through your media and social media? Do you receive better publicity, funding, political clout through hits on youtube or amazon? I think it's obvious that more gets done on this forum than on the Facebook page however if it supports your effort, I'll spend some more time on facebook... Just wondering how we best support you and your message through our electronic activity? Thanks!
    Any number of these will help us: 1) Keep enjoying content in whichever way works best for you. 2) Let us know if there's some other method of getting content out that you'd like to see. 3) Share with a friend or two if you know anyone that you think would like what we do. 4) Leave a review for us on Amazon. 5) Tell our sponsors what you think of us.

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