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    Drew a 111-113 Early Mule Deer tag with a friend this year. We are going on a scouting trip this weekend and I can't wait. Neither one of us has hunted or been in this unit before, and frankly it was kind of a simple mistake on his part since he put in for our group and we were going for other hunts. I am not complaining by any means, more excited than anything. My question for the forum is have any of you guys hunted this unit before? What is a realistic buck expectation (That info would help my scouting this weekend). Also if you have any success pics for this unit please share!

    Thanks and good luck to everyone this season.

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    To me Early will be mostly a glassing game....There are some good mature
    Bucks that will be around....Get high and glass....What area are you scouting?....It will be crowded in some parts of that unit.

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    Shot you a PM eyeman1

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    CoMTNMan I am in a similar situation with a Muzzleloader elk permit in my pocket. I have done a lot of aerial image and map scouting. I have also been given a few tips from this forum and some friends that have been to the area. I doubt I will be much help but would be happy to compare notes on the area with you.

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    Once I return from my scouting trip this weekend I'll give you whatever elk reports I gather? Also after my season is over yours should be starting up so again I'll pass onto you what I see. I know for me scouting these days is harder with a family, full time job, and a unit that's 7 hours away. If I can help a fellow hunter out I will, because I would like you to fill that tag on a big bull.

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    Doing recon on this unit Fri & Sat. First time there but I have heard there are some wall hangers in there!


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    What hunt do you have for that unit?

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    Weekend scouting was interesting to say the least. It ended being more of a shed hunt then a scout, as you can tell by the picture of my finds this weekend. The hot weather and rogue cattle in higher elevations than they should be made it tough. The critters were moving just before dark and by the time the sun was up they were tucked away. JBS send me a PM I have some info you'll really want on bulls that make the sheds below look little.

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    Nice !

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    Early mule deer.


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    Shot you a PM.
    Looks like a great scouting trip.

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    How'd you early rifle mule deer guys end up doing? This is a unit I put in for and I'm interested to hear about your trip if you've got some time. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to put stuff out on the internets.

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    Curious how your hunt went? I'm from the area and this is one of my favorite units to hunt. Huge potential and incredible country

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    Fellas he posted a thread on his hunt.

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