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  1. Default Planning for next year - drawing tags

    When and how do you guys and gals start looking at info for drawing tags?

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    I look about 30 days out from applications due but I rarely am applying for a tag with better than 1 in 100 odds to draw so I shotgun my applications with minimal regard to hunts that might overlap. I have been painted into a corner a couple of years with overlapping tags I drew but those tags are very good tags so am okay with the headache. Most years, such as this year, only drew one tag then picked up another as a leftover.

    If was looking for a tag that was guaranteed or almost a sure thing so knew would be in motion during a certain time span even as apply then would be planning the prior fall if inviting anyone else along or if needed to book a ride in to the hunt zone. If I am going solo and can drive or hike to the hunt zone then I wait for the state's hunt proclamation to confirm but would be looking at the prior year's assuming not much changes as far as offered hunts, tag quota, non-resident allocation, draw odds, etc.

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    If you pick a state and then decide what game you want to hunt, the states regs and draw process will dictate what you have to do and what type of tag is available to you to draw in the time frame you want to hunt.
    Most western states have the information you need to know on a website these days.
    I have decided to stick with Wyoming for many reasons. So, in that state you buy points for what you want, then look at the demand report for those species to see what units you may be able to draw.
    Then choose one or more of those units to apply for after some looking into their success rates, terrain type , and available land to hunt .
    Sounds simple, and it may be. But what you are looking for will depend on the ease of the he process.
    Some hunts take some waiting, and some don't. Some people may very well die before they could ever draw some tags.
    Pick a state and check thier regs and draw process. Then check a few others and compare.
    That's what I did starting out years ago. I set personal goals and went with the state I thought could help me reach them. I then banked points and started saving for my hunt.

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    My first out of state hunt that I planned is going to be this November, but I started planning almost 2 years in advance. I made sure my hunting partners were not gonna back out and I did most of the research. Now with 3 months to go they're probably more excited than me!
    I'm already working on next year and we are thinking of trying Wyoming for antelope and maybe mule deer. I have to say I like wyomings hunt planner the best, it's pretty easy to use and it's got great information.

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    I'm normally looking at least 2 years out to identify the unit I want to hunt.

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    Two years might not be enough time for alot of tags out there.
    But you won't know till you start looking.

    Start researching as soon as you think about western hunting.
    I wish I started 15 years ago. Waiting on buddies will kill a good hunt quick in my experience.
    Just plan your hunt and the buddies will come around or stay home. Life is shorter than we realize.

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    Do you want to start building points for specific hunts or do you just want to hunt every year? There's a few ways to manage your research and goals. If you want to hunt moose, sheep and goats, you'll need to start building points in multiple states to increase your odds, but that can get expensive.

    After planning my first out of state hunt for this year, I don't know if I'll ever hunt a general season in my home state again. Most states are very helpful if you call and ask questions. Just don't be a jackass on the phone, be prepared with well thought out questions and you'd be surprised what you'll get by just asking politely. I will give Montana credit as the most helpful over the phone and by email. They have been very helpful and always respond in a timely manner. Wyoming was also very good, but Wyoming has a great hunt planner tool.

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    My planning never stops. I had a lot to learn as I didn't even really know what a tag was when I started my research a few years ago! I used forums, fish and wildlife websites and other free hunting websites.

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    Been Escouting a lot the last couple weeks for next year. Would or hopefully will be my first elk hunt. Lots to learn and hard to narrow it down to a area. But been setting a lot of pins on ONX and google earth.

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    I plan hunts up to four years out. That being said, my plans are not set in stone. This year was going to be a SD mule deer hunt, but a good hunting buddy wanted to go elk hunting and I had been putting him off for a couple years due to other hunting plans. So I burned 4 points in CO and just added another point for SD. I am always trying to build points in other states just so I have more options when I have to change plans.

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