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    Default 308 vs 6.5 creedmore

    Hey all
    Looking for feed back I have an ar10 I'm building but also want a solid big game rifle as well. Looking to keep things simple. So is 6.5 a viable round to take elk or am I better off 308


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    6.5 will kill an elk, but I can't imagine packing an AR up elk mountains.
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    Ya wanna keep it simple ? Ruger American 308, or 7/08. Scrap the AR platform idea.
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    I would have to agree with the others. I put together a 6.8 ar 15 a few years ago to hunt with. Killed a nice buck with it but never really enjoyed hunting with it. I shoot ar's all the time and handling one is second nature, I just never found any advantage to carrying it.

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    308 all day long.

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    I wouldn't hunt elk with an AR. Or a 6.5. mtmuley

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    What is the expected final weight on your build including frame, full load of ammo, scope, sling, etc? Assumption is will be over 10 pounds but if can keep that closer to 8 pounds then could be a mountain rifle. If do not venture out of the foothills or prairie then rifle weight is less of an issue. Or, if ride horses to camp.

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    Hey guys sorry wasnt real clear I am building a 10 but will buy a bolt platform to hunt with just trying to kerp the dif. types of ammo limited. That is why I was asking not into punishment rifles haha

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    Well if it were me and I was buying ammo i would buy a bolt action that I already had ammo for my ar 10
    . you may have to tweak the round for that particual rifle but you at least already have it. As far as accuracy both are great. Lots of ammo out there, 308 has way better selection for hunting rounds that I have observed, might keep that in mind. IMHO

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    Both the 6.5 and .308 are fine for elk...

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    6.5 CM and .308 are both fine for elk cartridges. There is a 7mm-08 here in my family. I would stay away from the AR platform all together for big game hunting. Set up something traditional....bolt action. Good luck..

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    in the AR platform my pick is the 6.5 creedmoor but for a solid bolt action build I would opt for the 308... I have both calibers, the creedmoor is a fun low recoil caliber but if your shooting the 308 with some hot ammo from a 22 to 24 inch barrel it just seems to drop animals faster, plus the barrel life is greater in the 308 and the factory ammo selection is better... Honestly there's no wrong choice though, both great cartridges depending on intended applications...

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    Finally got around to shooting my Kimber Adirondack 308 today and was very surprised how well it shot with Federal 165s

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