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    Default Muley Behavior Question

    Hey guys,

    I've been scouting and found some areas that look like prime whitetail habitat. They're areas of wooded/heavily brushy areas near farm fields and water. But, there's no whitetails in the unit I'm looking at.

    My question is would it be reasonable to expect to find mule deer using that area like whitetail would? Bedding in the wooded area and moving to the fields to feed? The wooded area is pretty small, but sandwiched between private property and a river. There is a brushy ditch running from the woods to the farm fields.

    Or is that an area that mule deer wouldn't be likely to use?

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    I've seen mule deer that act almost exactly like white tails in habitat preferences. Unfortunately much of that type of ground is private. But yes, I don't think mule deer tend to bed in super thick brush as much, but they certainly can act like white tails.

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    They'll use it. They'll also blow out of it and stay on the private if you're not careful. I hunt a spot for mulies very similar to what you described. Be wind aware.

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    Cool. Thanks guys! I'll give it a shot this season.

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