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    Hi all I was looking to purchase a bow and arrow kit for my five year old daughter ,wondering if anyone had suggestions on a quality toy. Thanks

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    John Cushman might could help you...

    Just kidding, John (and yacantski) - couldn't resist!!

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    My wife got me and our dog one of these for xmas last year. The dog loves it for inside fetch.
    The best part of the present was the gift certificate she tucked inside valid for any new 2017 bow (Hoyt Defiant).
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    When my daughter was about that age I bought a mini-genesis from Mathews. Very happy with the bow. I did add a single pin sight and replaced the tab arrow rest with a whisker biscuit. I bought my son a regular genesis and he shot it until he turned 13.

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    Check out the Diamond Atomic. I bought my 5 year old one and it's a really nice bow and can adjust and grow with him.

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    Are you interested in a lightly used youth bow at all?

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    For the money and the resale value it is hard to beat the Genesis Mini. That is what I bought for my boys when they were 5 and 7, then sold it for about twenty dollars less than I paid for it three years later when I got a Diamond Infinite Edge. The other option that has been mentioned that I have experience with is the Bowtech Atomic. I had several kids come up through my JOAD program that started with the atomic, and they were pretty successful. I don't know about the resale value on them. The Mission Craze might be an option if she is strong enough to hold it up with her bow arm. Most of the manufacturers make a decent youth bow that will drop down to about 12 pounds of draw weight with a 17 in draw length, but some of them are just too heavy for a five year old to shoot. The biggest thing about starting them that young is to just make sure it stays fun. Put up big targets at close ranges and focus on how hard they are working to get better instead of where they hit the target. Most five year olds are just excited to be out with dad doing dad stuff but they have short attention spans so be ready to do something else even if you don't get all ten ends of your practice session in.

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