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    I saw that these were on sale at Dick's. 10x42's for 279.00 down from 329.00. I have read some reviews here and there - mostly on the birder forums. Check out the series they also offer 8x56's and 16x56s even 20's. Any thoughts/opinions to offer. the 8x and 16x's are intriguing.

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    I've always liked Nikon, in particular the Monarch line.

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    The CS at Nikon sucks if you ever need it. mtmuley

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    For that price, it'd be hard for me to not to snatch these up!

    Better hurry as only 1 left in stock!

    I'd be more inclined to try 8X or 10X binos at that price point and not 20X. I have been less than impressed with high mag binos in that price range.

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    Great glass for that kind of cash. Get 8x or 10x tho...

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    I use a set of 8x monarch 5s. Great glasses in my opinion. Wouldn't hesitate to get another set.

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    Check out the thread I have on the Vanguards and test the Nikons against them at half the price

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