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    Default What's your favorite bullet

    i was just wondering what if anyone else has a "go to" bullet. Mine is the Barnes TTSX and the Nosler partition 175g for my 7mm. What are yall's favorites?

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    125 grain Slick Trick magnum
    I'm an addict...archery, rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzleloaders, hunting, fishing, fly fishing..and I don't want rehab

    CWEH...Colorado's Worst Elk Hunter 2007-2017 (but I'm still damned sexy) 10 years of consistency!!

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    All time fav .284 168 vld 7 rm

    .30 165 accubond 30-06
    .284 140 accubond 7-08

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    150 gr. Nosler Partition for my .270 win.
    150 gr. Barnes TSX for my .308 win.

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    90 gr. GMX in .243, 150 gr.Barnes TTSX in 30.06 and .308, and a 235gr.Barnes X in .375

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    160 grain nosler accubond

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    308...165 gr Hornady IL. 30-06 180 gr Horndy IL. 7mm 160 gr Sper Hot Core. 6.5x55 129 gr Hornady IL. 6.5x06 140gr Hornady IL. 25-06 117 gr Hornady interlock 243 70 gr SMK or 75 gr Hornady v-max.

    I'm pretty sold on Hornady cup and core bullet's.

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    .30 Cal 180 Grain Nosler E-Tip
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    .338 - 210gr Nosler Partition
    6.5 - 139gr Lapua Scenar
    .30 - 165gr Nosler Partition
    .22 - 50gr Hornady Vmax

    Just the current status. Whim's can change each and every one of these.

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    6mm Remington: Son's one 6mm uses 100 gr. Partitions, his other 6mm uses 90 gr. E-tips. That E-tip is one impressive bullet! He's taken several antelope, deer, and a large cow elk with it. The cow was 350 yards - ONE SHOT! My 6mm shoots 100 gr. Partitions. I've killed elk with that bullet also in the 6mm.

    25-06 Remington: 120 gr. Partition or 110 gr. Accubond

    280 AI: 140 gr. Partition although I'm going to do some work with the 140 gr. Accubonds here shortly.

    30-06: 165 gr. Partition or Accubonds.

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    I have a deep, dark secret here.

    It's the Barnes TTSX. And I feel guilt over this every day.
    get over it commies..

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    If I was told that I could only use one type of bullet for the rest of my life I would choose Nosler Partition without even hesitating.

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    Mine is the one that's mushroomed and covered with meat and blood !
    You can't get lost if you don't care where you are going.

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    Accubond any caliber..

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    210 Accubond LR .30 Nosler. Backup is 180 Accubond for 300WM. Deer/Lope 140GR Accubond 270WSM

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    Hands down accubond for any rifle I own.
    I work so I can hunt

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    30-06 180 grn Partition

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    130 TTSX in my 270 WSM. Also had incredible luck with the 140 TSX in same caliber.

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    If I had to choose one it would be the Accubond like many people here. I've used them on a lot of game up to elk size and never seen an issue.

    In my 264 win mag I used Accubonds for several years before I started experimenting with dialing scopes, wind meters, and longer ranges. I tried Berger 140gr VLD Hunting bullets in it and have been using them since. I am not a dedicated long range hunter, I like to get close, but I have a lot of fun practicing longer distances and building confidence for shorter shots. I don't think we have used my 264/Berger combo on any game past 360 yards over the years since I switched. I haven't seen the Berger fail to drop a deer within 30 yards of where he is hit, but sometimes they don't exit and they leave a small entrance wound. A blood trail has never been necessary but I'm not confident there would be a big one if it was. I will keep using Bergers in this rifle and stick with the Accubonds in the other rifles. On whitetail and antelope they have performed exactly as advertised and I'd hunt muleys in flatter country with that rifle/bullet. Anything bigger than muleys or in steep country I'll use the lighter to carry 300 win mag with 180gr Accubonds.

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    So far ttsx in both 7mm08 and 270 wsm. Still trying to dial in some accubonds, but so far the ttsx have given me better groups.

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    I like what the rifles like...some are faithful to Barnes Tipped & non-Tipped, some like Accubond, and some are fickle for Hammers, Scenar L, and Berger Hybrid Hunting.

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    Accubond for all my rifles

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    180gr .308 Trophy bonded tip

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    I don't have any 1 manufacturer or specific bullet.
    I use Berger, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Missouri, Lightning, Rainier.

    The different calibers, weights, intended uses are way too numerous to list.

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    Go to bullet that can kill anything near or far in any cartridge bet my life on it.... Accubond. mtmuley

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