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    Hey guys, my girlfriend drew a ewe tag in district 301. We have hunted the breaks before for ewes with success but these mountain sheep seem to have different behavior and live in some pretty gnarly terrain. We have hiked roughly 40 miles so far scouting with only a couple sheep sightings in probably unobtainable spots. We are hoping to do a backpack hunt in September for them and she wants to kill it with her bow, but we will be hunting it throughout the rest of the season if we don't get it in September. Any ideas or info pointing us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, feel free to pm me. Thanks

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    I drive up to Big Sky all the time for work and have frequent sittings from Deer creek, Dudley and right around that little corner gas station. Table mountain seems to hold the majority of the sheep. I'm sure when it cools down and gets to that September weather they will be more active but that's the main areas I'd hunt. Good luck

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    Thanks for the help eyjonas ill check them out

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    Same as what Eyjonas! said- Deer Creek to Dudley is a great place to start. Scout Table Mountain this time of year, and as it cools a bit and fall approaches, you'll begin seeing them more and more frequently around Deer. Start looking at the cliffs along the Gallatin on the west side of 191 about a mile or two north of Deer creek, by asbestos creek, and then keep your eyes peeled until you make the turn into big sky on that south facing slope.

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    You can kill a sheep with a ball peen hammer from 191 in November. There's no way somebody wouldn't get one if you just looked from inside your car, while trying to avoid oncoming traffic.

    The Spanish peaks is truly great country. If you want to have a dynamite experience, actually hunt the peaks in September. Camp at the head of bear basin. Or head up past Lava Lake and get on Jumbo, hunt into South hellroaring or upper Cascade.

    Or just wait til November and shoot one from the barrow pit below Big Sky.

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    I like the ball peen hammer approach, you can't get more up close and personal then that. I tell ya Greenhorn you'd be one hell of a outfitter, I'd be one of the first to book if you promise interactions like that!

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    Ha ha thanks for the help guys, hunting they peaks it will be. We are looking more for a back country hunt than going grocery shopping in November.

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    Although these aren't the places I'd look for a ram, there's usually ewes during the summer and early fall in the
    grace lake basin, and the ridge that runs off Wilson peak that divides south and main hellroaring
    both of which can be glassed from Jumbo mtn. And when on Jumbo, you're likely to see ewes on the east side down into Cascade creek. Being on Jumbo would be my first suggestion for an awesome ewe hunt in September. A slightly easier place to hunt with still not the highway aspect, would be the cirque between beehive and bear basin. Lots of places those sheep are in summer in the peaks, but those would be great places to check. If that doesn't pan out, they'll be licking the asphalt within a few miles of the deer creek bridge on 191 in November.

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