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    Default Tripod of choice?

    What does everyone like for mountain hunting?

    I have been using an old survey tripod retrofitted with a ball head for my range finder and binos while shooting this year and I can see I need a lightweight set for hunting this fall.

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    I have the Vortex summit SS-P. It's a decent tripod for the $$$.

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    I picked up a Sinno from Schmaltz two years ago with a ball head and have really liked it. There are lighter options out there, but this was pretty light and a great price.

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    Outdoorsmans expensive but you only buy once
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    Slik tripod. Lots of options depending on what you are wanting

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    I feel like slik is tough to beat for value. I have been using Oben, a China made CF tripod. I like it a lot for what I paid.

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    My main purpose would be for binos, I don't actually own a spotting scope. Where I hunt in mountains it's open enough to glass but thick enough that 10x binos work really well.

    I was looking at the vortex offerings, Summit SSP and high country. Although ebay has a handful of carbon fiber $100 units.

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    I have the Summit SSP and have certainly got the money's worth but if I could do it again I'd spend the $ once. I'm saving up for the Outdoorsman but it might take another year:

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    We have a vortex high country

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    Promaster or Sirui T-025x

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    I've got a Manfrotto something or other. I picked it up for about $50 and it's light weight and pretty stable. I bought it for DSLR use but it is okay with a spotting scope as well. Just need to replace my crappy 10 year old NC Star spotter and I'll be good.

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    Vortex high country!

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    Take a look at the Vanguard Quest T62U. At 2.24 lbs, it is relatively lightweight and comes with a yoke for shooting. I also have Vanguard pan head that came with an older tripod that I have used with a spotting scope. I've found that the yoke actually works pretty well as a rest form my larger binoculars. What I like about the Vanguard is that in it's fully collapsed position, the height is perfect sitting and glassing without deploying the flick locks to extend the legs. I spread the one single (removable) leg to get the best position. In addition, the removable leg can be used as a monopod or the other unit as a bipod. Very pleased with the Vanguard tripod (bipod, monopod) and will be using it on a 3rd rifle season elk hunt in CO this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockel View Post
    Slik tripod. Lots of options depending on what you are wanting
    Quote Originally Posted by SnowyMountaineer View Post
    I feel like slik is tough to beat for value. I have been using Oben, a China made CF tripod. I like it a lot for what I paid.
    I agree with brockel and SnowyMountaineer. I spent a fair amount of time looking at tripods several years ago and for the money it was hard to bead the quality and weight of a Slik. I have put mine thru 4 or 5 seasons and it still works like its new.

    I would love to buy a outdoorsman, but have a hard time justifying the money. I can go on a couple of hunts for the cost.

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    Outdoorsmans - worth the money IMO if you're going to use it for several years.

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    backpacking culman... close to truck manfrotto

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    Top of the line is Gitzo if you want a cheaper carbon fiber alternative check out Induro CLT004.

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    I picked up a Leupold tripod with the purchase of the spotting scope. Works good. I had a crappy one before - this one showed the reasons why Leupold is... Leupold. Purchased via our famous Schmalts.
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    Promaster with Benro s2 for me.

    S and S archery has a nice video comparison of some very good options.

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    Vanguard 264AO is what I use because it has all of the "little" features that most don't. Spiked legs for setting up on ice/snow, rubber shock ring so your nockers don't get banged around when the head drops, hook to stabilize with your backpack during high winds, and can extend to around 6 feet high (important for someone who is 6' 4" like me). Yes, it may be ounces heavier and not compact quite as small, but when I am setup on the edge of a cliff and sitting on ice in high winds glassing I know that my setup ain't moving. Oh and they are very well priced.

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    Sirui T-024

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    I just got the Sirui T-024x and am really impressed. Here are some pics for comparison.

    From left to right... Sirui T-025x ___ Sirui T-024x ____ Promaster T525P (now XC525C)

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    The T-025x is using the included Sirui Ballhead with the Outdoorsman's Tripod adapter attached to the Sirui plate. I removed the center post as it is non-adjustable and I felt it made the tripod unstable. The tripod weighs 30oz.

    The T-024x is modified as I removed the Sirui quick-detach plate and attached the Outdoorsman's Quick Release Adapter directly to the Sirui ballhead. I did this to remove potential failure points and to eliminate unused weight. Also, it makes it so I can use my bino's and scopes interchangeably between this tripod and the Promaster, depending on the situation. It weighs 32oz.

    The Promaster T525P has the Outdoorsman Panhead. It weighs 45oz.

    I bought the T-024x and Kowa 554 to use while backpacking as the entire setup weighs 3.8lbs. The Promaster and Kowa 883 weigh 7.4lbs which are great when the extra power and light-gathering ability are an absolutely necessity but are pretty heavy on long hunts.

    Hope that helps.

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    Manfrotto 785B

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