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    Default Wyoming Late Season Cow Elk

    I purchased a Unit 7 Type 7 cow elk tag for January 1 -31, 2018 in Wyoming. I have only ever bow hunted elk in September, so late season elk hunting is something new to me. I have deer hunted late season plenty of times so I am prepared for weather, road conditions, etc., effecting the hunt.

    I have already got some very valuable advice for this hunt from a few user's private messages to me which is greatly appreciated.

    I am realistic about weather, roads, and hunting pressure going into this new challenge and am willing to work hard to put some meat in the freezer. No problems hiking/packing long distance or sitting and glassing in the cold.

    Have already gotten the advice to look at the HMAs in Unit 7 and also using OnXMaps to identify the low country BLM where animals maybe feeding in large numbers. Hoping to catch a few more pointers from others who have hunted this January late season and can offer some advise. I know the season is a LONG way out, but I am still interested in starting my search for information to increase my odds at success.

    Anything is appreciated!

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    Following... I'm in the same boat as you. I have a type 4 tag too. Filled a type 6 tag there in 2015, but I'm not counting that because I was with experienced hunters, had horses, and had access to a private ranch.

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    Anyone have any luck on late season cows in 7 or 6 in Wyoming so far this January?

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    I know of one person that harvested an elk last Friday in area 7. I filled my type 4 tag in November. I'm heading out there this weekend to fill my last elk tag.

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    I'm in the same boat but a different unit (107-7). I talked with the game warden and I'm praying for snow. Got a couple more weeks before the tag expires.

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    Some have had success in 7 on the HMAs just this past few days.

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    Any additional success in Unit 6 or 7? I was fortunate enough to communicate with the hunter coordinator in the area and get a report on herd movements which was awesome. Such a great resource for hunters unfamiliar with the area.

    Also curious about snow volumes out in the flats and foothills? It snowed where I am too in Northern Colorado, but only half as much as expected so I was curious as to whether that area of WY got much snow or not.

    Any info from anyone familiar with the area is appreciated. I am also going to reach out to the hunter coordinator again today and hopefully get a report on elk and weather!

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    Going out to set some traps this weekend up northern part of 6, I'll report on snow cover , roads etc. after we get up there and back.
    Not much snow in Laramie but mountains have been getting some last couple of days. Some elk have been spotted moving around a little on the border of 6 and 7.

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    I filled my 7-7 this past Friday and helped another hunter fill a tag on New Year's day. There are plenty of elk on the public, but the larger herds are very wary of hunters at this point in the season. Smaller groups of bulls are scattered around and if you are lucky they could have a cow or two with them. The snow was mainly on the north slopes and drifted in the drainages last weekend, but like wytex mentioned the mountains may have picked up some in the last two days.

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    Area 7 this past Monday morning.

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    Looks like Laramie Peak missed the big snow, the Snowies got hammered.
    Nice cow JM.
    No elk seen across the highway in 6. Some snow at Morton Pass , just enough to make a few drifts.

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    Well done JM

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    I filled my tag yesterday. Hiked 6 miles Saturday in a foot of snow toward a herd that was spooked by another hunter when we were finally about a quarter mile away. Saw another herd on private at the end of the day. Came back the next morning to see if they moved onto public land. They had crossed the road over night but still weren't on public. We went for a drive to where we knew a herd was roaming. On the way, we glassed a different herd on a hilltop about 3 miles away. We drove part of the way, hiked in the rest, and had an elk on the ground before noon. Just glass as much country as possible and be willing to hike. The willingness to hike will give the advantage over most other hunters. Only about a third of the elk we saw were not visible from a county road, so driving and glassing is not ineffective for finding elk, but don't expect them to be within shooting range.

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