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    Default Oklahoma Panhandle Antelope (Texas County)

    I put my grandfather in for the OK draws this year and the old man drew a doe lope tag. He's never seen a goat and I'm trying to help him out as best I can. We'll be pulling some abstractor info for the owners out there, but if anyone knows of people who allow hunters on their property (mostly private in the county) that would be some awesome info. Thanks everyone.

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    I drew the Cimarron County doe tag!
    I'll be calling the biologist for land owner recommendations....
    So far I've found prices ranging from $350-400 for 3 day access.

    Good luck on your search. Hope your grandfather gets a wack at some!

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    Look up a guy named Chase Henderson, his family owns more than a couple sections in Texas county and I know several guys who's drawn the OIL antelope buck tag and shot some nice ones on their land. Ask him nicely and he'll show you his state record archery mule deer too.

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    Congrats guys. I struck out yet again this year. I'm going to try to get out there for OTC archery this year. I've said that for about 3 years now and yet to make it happen.
    I'm just.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Foot View Post
    Another white guy without a clue.

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    Congrats on the Tag, I put in for the first time this year so wasn't to surprised when I didn't draw. I had a friend of mine who drew this tag a couple years ago and he was successful on public Land. There's not a lot out there but he said it is doable just lots of driving. Hope you get one

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    With Cimarron, you've got the Rio Blanco that should have a decent population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattholliman View Post
    With Cimarron, you've got the Rio Blanco that should have a decent population.
    That's where I'm going first. I also have some great private access as a backup now.
    I cannot wait!

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    How did the hunts go? Did you spend any time on the public spots?

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    We took two from public land in Cimarron on opening day.

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    I also drew the Cimarron county doe tag harvested mine on the second day on Rita Blanca wma. I was wondering as well how this texas county hunt went.

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