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    Numerous hunt shows are available on amazon prime and Netflix. Watched every Meat Eater, Fresh Tracks episode they have. I'm binge watching Solo Hunter right now. Canned hunt shows are, well, canned - they are terrible.

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    I love the meat eater show and Fresh Tracks, I am in the middle of my second watch through. Solo Hunter and Ridge Reaper are pretty awesome shows. Also KUIU has done some badass sheep hunts. I also have downloaded all of the podcasts for both shows and I am listening to them on my two hour commutes.

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    Fresh tracks, Meateater, Western Hunter, Jim Shockey's Uncharted, The Hunting Public, Chasing November by Midwest Whitetails, Jason Matzinger, Fowled Reality
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    Sadly I suspect Deadliest Catch probably get more TV interest than the other hunting programs on Outdoor channel.

    Seems like most of the reality shows like Yukon men, live below zero, ALF, etc are probably the most popular programs that feature hunting.

    Most of the new streaming services do not even offer most of the hunting channels anymore. I watch a few videos on You Tube for the most part. I enjoy the iHuntFit videos.

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    Carson Wentz has a new show on outdoor channel online or digital or whatever. I hope it's good since he is a high profile athlete who is liked by the general public and media. Could be good for hunting culture, especially if someone can educate him on public lands (if he isn't woke to public land already).

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    I can't stand typical hunting shows. Celebrity hosted hunts are not any more interesting to me. Meateater is the only hunting show I watched on a regular basis. I really enjoy it's content and storylines (more than just the typical theres a deer, shot it). Unfortunately, I don't think any new episodes have been released in over 2 years and the old episodes are now Netflix, which I don't have. Now that Freshtracks is on Amazon I will start watching it more often.
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    I also enjoy the iHuntFit videos as well as B&R, Hushin, and of course Randy's channel... all on youtube

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