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Thread: Got tags?

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    Waiting on Wyo draw, in for a long shot type one for elk and deer, put in for a few high draw rate areas for antelope. Depending on what I draw, I'll decide if I go to KS archery. Since I struck out on other states I bought a few super tag tickets in Wyo for moose and sheep. Two more days of waiting for draw results!
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    Drew utah muzzleloader book cliffs tag can't wait

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    Not long till we find out about the Wyoming deer and antelope. Hope results are available like they should be.
    Fingers crossed!

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    I have a NV bull and cow tag. My daughter has a junior deer. It's going to be a fun fall!!! Good luck everyone.

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    I have a AK brown bear tag for sept. And then a NM bull elk tag for late Oct.

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    I didn't draw my first choices for elk here in WY. It's cows in unit 7 for me this year. I drew a hard-to-draw deer unit for the second year in a row, so I think I'll pass on General unit bull elk this year.

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    This is one of the first years in a long while me or nobody close to me has a limited tag of some sort to help out on
    Oh well looks like I will be chasing more of these general season Utah elk around
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